Food and Drink

Lemon fizz

It’s been a week of using my macro lens, the first time in a long time. When I started with photography, my plan was to get into macro and closeup photography. It didn’t really work out that way. After watching a couple of idea videos on YouTube, I’ve been really gotten into getting that angle.

These shots are somewhat cliché, but something I’ve always wanted to do. I was making a drink (I’m on a fresh lemon in my drink phase) with fizzy water. Soon as I saw the bubbles, I put the glass in the afternoon sun and went to town.

New Brew

Last weekend I was down in southern Ontario to see a concert in Toronto. As always, I stay with my parents in my home town of Dundas. As a bonus, that weekend also was the grand opening of  a new craft brewery in downtown Dundas, called Shawn & Ed Brewing Company. Its location is in a building that has served as a skating rink, curling rink and warehouse over many decades. So of course, I had to check it out.

It was a popular spot on the weekend, and there was a lineup to try out their beer. I tried out the LagerShed dark and the BarrelShed. The BarrelShed is the beer aged in used red wine casks. The casks are made available from Flat Rock cellars, of which one of the brewery owners is from.

It is good beer, and I took out a “Squealer” (smaller than a growler). The only downside is that with these formats, the beer should be consumed within a week, and once opened, consumed within 12-24 hours. No problem there on both counts. But living in Ottawa, means getting refills is a bit of a commute, so I couldn’t save some for warmer weather. No worries though, as I will be going down to visit family again, and I’ll be sure to bring the empty, and get re-supplied.

If opening weekend is any consideration, it looks like the brewery will be a big success. And I have yet another stop to make when visiting Dundas.

Photos taken with the Fuji X100T. Only could grab a few shots as the place was very full and busy.


Dark and barrel aged beer sampling sizes.



Barrels for aging the BarrelShed brew, courtesy of Flat Rock Cellars



Tiny Bubbles

XT013300Inspiration comes from from anywhere. This was a glass of water on the bedside table. The water had little bubbles in it, and the light from the sunshine outside gave it a nice backlight. I grabbed my X-T1 and used the 60mm macro.


A fact about Asparagus

Monday, I photographed some purple asparagus. Why?

Well, to keep the creative juices flowing, I participate in the Photo-a-Day online…”thing”.  It is basically, a list someone (originating in Australia and still gets posted from there) puts together. Each day, you make a photo for the topic and post it on Flickr or where ever. Its all in good fun, and similar to the 365 project things, but with themes.


But I digress. So, the first of the month’s theme was something purple. While at the grocery store I came across purple asparagus (see where I’m going). To kill two birds with one stone (or as Ricky from Trailer Park Boys would say, “getting two birds stoned at once), I shot this and a few other angles for stock as well.

And now to the fact. As some may know, when one eats asparagus, its causes ones urine to smell. Yet, some don’t claim to encounter this odour, making it seem that some process the vegetable different than others. I learned a few years ago, that its not so much as some process the food differently, as some people have the ability to smell the asparagus in the urine while others don’t. Apparently, only 22% of people.

So potentially two new pieces of information today: There is such thing as purple asparagus, and while everyone processes it the same after eating, only some can smell the byproduct.

Mini Mandarin


You’d never guess to look at them, but these are mini mandarin oranges. How mini? They are less than an inch in diameter. Each wedge of fruit is the size of a finger nail. They are so cute yet so flavourful; I had to make some photos of them for my iStock photo portfolio.