Every year I volunteer for the Ottawa Jazz Festival on the stage crew. The audience sees the show and we see what goes on before and after, as well as any other backstage “events”.

What one typically doesn’t see is the kilometers of cables that run throughout the stage, to the back of the house, along the trusses to the lights and much more. And all that gets plugged in to something somewhere.

During a show last week, I was looking at the myriad of cables and grabbed this shot with my Fuji X100T. Its audio patching that has one wire that holds another twelve. It all means something, but I’m a lighting guy, so the rest is just inputs to me.


Feeding time

I put a bird feeder out in the backyard. I’m starting to find the little birds fun to watch (I must be getting old).

As the little guys were feeding away, I discovered I could get pretty close to them. So I got my X-T1 and with the 16-55mm f2.8 I grabbed some shots. They were very accommodating.


Icy Pattern

Last week I went for a walk on one of the local trails. It wound throughout various types of bush and trees, and at one point, through a still somewhat frozen marsh. It being spring, the ice was melting, and it was producing interesting patterns and designs.

All photos shot with the Fuji X-T1 and 16-55 f2.8 lens.







Low Rail

The theme of the month on a Facebook group is “down low”, or “pet perspective”. I placed my Fuji X-Pro1 right on the rail, shooting somewhat blindly as I couldn’t look through the viewfinder or the LCD at the back.


Now, I’m a big train fan. I like trains. I don’t believe in hanging out on the railway tracks, or shooting photos around them. Safety first. I believe in the mantra “anytime is train time”. Even though mostly scheduled trains run through here, there are the odd freight train can come by. I will also point out that this photo was made at a level crossing, which is right behind me. So there was little risk of getting hit by a train. The bells and lights would have alerted me. And even this shot was very quickly done and I moved on.

Anytime is Train Time.

Old Wood

Spring is arriving and temperatures are above the freezing mark. It makes for a lot of melting, water and slush. But, it also drives one to be outside in the fresh air again.

Yesterday I went out with my X-Pro1 for a walk. I haven’t used it in a long time, as the X100T has become my go-to carry around camera. But, with all the recent activity about the X-Pro2, I decided to reacquaint myself with this camera.  While waiting for a train to come by, I spotted a fence that has been there a while, and took a few shots.



Its still a fine camera. The only thing really desirable to me with the “2” version, is the weather sealing and the newer film simulations. Not worth the upgrade though, as between my X100T and X-T1, I have all I need. Sadly, I waited a bit long to sell it on ebay or online locally. I suspect now that the “2” variant is out, there will be a glut of “1s” on the market. However, it is still fun to use, so its not all that bad to have some choice.

Heat Lamps

This past weekend there was a synchronized skating competition in nearby Kanata which my significant other’s team was skating in. After each category/grouping, they resurface the ice. During this time, I looked up and noticed the heating devices (some of them) were on. With the roof structure it made an interesting shot, so I pointed my X-T1 with the 16-55 at it, framed it up. The results below.


I always think of these things as the heat lamps like the ones that keep food “warm” in fast food places. These ones give off a surprising amount (and very welcomed) heat.

Thirsty Work

A few weeks ago I was asked to photograph a synchronized skating practice. Its a bit of a different assignment as the goal isn’t necessarily to get perfectly composed and beautiful photos. Its more of just getting some pictures. These shots are then pored over by the team and coach to see where they…well, aren’t in sync, because if they aren’t, they lose marks. But I’ve mentioned that before.

I used my Fuji X-T1 with its new autofocusing magic and the 16-55 f2.8 to grab a bunch of images.

It was a longer practice with lots of review and instruction. During one of the breaks in the skating, I saw and shot this photo of the line of water bottles. I will shoot from the player’s bench side of the rink – typically in the penalty box – because there is no mesh that gets in the way of the focus, so all I had to do was lean out. Thanks to the LCD view, I could extend my arms a bit farther out and still see what I was composing.



The other day was a really nice crisp bright winter’s day. The kind that make you want to be outside because the heat from the sun makes the cold air feel tolerable. A nice warm cold air.

I was wandering around Parliament Hill and saw workers setting up scaffolding on the East Block. The whole grounds is now 100 years old and in need of constant repairs. With the clear blue sky as the back drop, the safety vests of the workers stood out so I grabbed a photo.

It also reminded me of Doozers. They were little construction guys on the TV show Fraggle Rock in the 80s. The Doozers were constantly constructing things that looked like scaffold, which the Fraggles would eat. They were always building, like the endless repairs on the Parliament buildings.

Shot with the Fujifilm X100T.


Its in the Details

When you look at the parliamentary buildings, especially the Centre Block, you see lots of details, sculptures and carvings. If you take the time to look up at some of the other buildings around the area, there are numerous little figures and details everywhere.

Like this sleepy guy. This is over what is really a side entrance to one of the supreme court buildings.

I may take some time soon to just photograph the various mini works around the city some day soon.


Record Snowfall

Last week in Ottawa, we had a record snowfall for one day at just over 50cm, or 20 inches. It made for a commuting nightmare going home from work, and knee-deep snow to clear up from the driveway. However, the next day was bright and clear, showing the results of the previous day’s storm. On the way to work, I took some shots of the snow with my X100T.