A moment of reflection

While visiting family over the Thanksgiving weekend, I took my son up to my old haunt where I would go and watch trains on Saturday mornings. When I was his age, I would ride my bike up to the Dundas station – long abandoned – to watch trains on the Dundas sub until noon. Most of the freights went by in the morning. The station was unlocked (just not used) so there was a place out of the sun, and a “toilet” if needed.

Its all long gone, destroyed by fire from vandals. But, we went up to see if there was anything coming. The lights showed green so we waited. Well, I did. My son went down into the ravine to explore. After a while I went after him. There in the stream was a chair. He decided to wade out and sit in it. And I got the photo.

Shot with the Fuji X100 with the 50mm teleconverter on it.


50 Years

My parents celebrated their 50th anniversary on April 10th. How cool is that?

They asked me to make a portrait for the occasion. Of course I said yes. A simple setup. A Nikon SB900 camera left with a shoot-trough umbrella using the Fuji X-T1 and 16-55 f2.8.


Bella Consignment Portraits

I’ve known the Bella ladies, Melissa and Tina, since their store opened way back in 2008. No, I don’t shop there, but the cafe I frequented at the time (The Bohemian Kitchen), was also where they went for coffee and lunches. And eventually, I got to know them. I’d shot their portraits a while back and some store shots. It was time for a fresh set of photos of them and their store. So they contacted me.

XT010594  XT010587

Melissa and Tina are terrific ladies. Very laid back and ever cheerful. It was fun to come in to their store early one day in June for the session. They make it so easy. We did a few shots of them together, and I suggested individuals as well. In the end, they liked those best, and that what went on their site (www.mybella.ca).


All shots that day were made with the Fuji X-T1. The portraits were done with the 60mm f2.4, and for store shots I used the 18mm f2.