New kids in town

Ahhh spring. And with it comes warm weather and little creatures from their burrows.

Here in Barrhaven, in the ‘burbs of Ottawa, there are many rabbits in the area. Over the winter there were three that frequented our backyard, to eat up any spilled bird seed from the feeder. At least one of them was my friendly bunny.

Last year, a little baby rabbit frequented our yard, and became so used to me, that he (or she) would hop over and ask for bird seed. Of course, I could not resist, and gave him some. He would sit a foot away and eat the seed while I sat there. If I moved, he bolted. So while not totally trusting, it was enough to allow me to be that close. He had a shock of red fur between his shoulders, so I knew who he was.

Fast forward to now, and in the neighbours yard, new bunnies have emerged. Whether they will be as friendly remains to be seen. But there are no dogs in our yard, so the bunnies like the sanctity.

When I saw the newlings, I grabbed my longest lens and got this shot of the little guy. We figure he is about four weeks old. We’ve seen two so far.

Small baby bunny in the grass.

The first shot

I still remember the first photo I made when I purchased my first camera (not counting the Kodak 110 I had when I was a kid), a Nikon D50. It was a snapshot of  some flowers in the back yard. As I upgraded cameras over the years, that first shot becomes more important. What will be the first photo with this new camera?

So yesterday, when the delivery man dropped off my new Fuji X-T1, I was in that conundrum again. What’s the first photo, number 001, going to be? This time is was our dwarf rabbit, Peanut, as she slept in the sun.


I’m looking forward to more testing and working with this camera. It’s looking like a fun camera with lots of potential.