A day for a walk

Its been a nice few days. After last week’s snow storms and dump of 50cm of snow, this weekend was well above normal, and freezing temperatures was a happy change. It was Family Day in Ontario, which means a day off from work, so we went to the Jack Pine trail for a bit of time outside.

Others did too, so it wasn’t quite as quiet in the woods as one would like. But still, nice to see people outside and not sitting in their houses watching TV.

I brought along the Fuji X-T1 and wide angle lens to get some photos. I’ve been lacking in photos for a while. While I did get some good shots, a telephoto lens would have been useful for some bird shots. In this area, the chickadees will land on your hand for some seed.

Winter Wonderland

Happy New Year!

January in Ottawa always brings some crazy weather. Storms, rain, snow, warm and cold. In this first week of 2017, we had a nice bout of freezing rain followed by 10 cms of snow. It made for crappy driving, but the ice on the trees looked magical.

This shot is from my office. I was hoping to catch some sun before it became to warm and everything melted away. As expected, the sun came out, it got above zero and the wind picked up, shaking off the icy designs on the trees.

And believe it or not, this is a colour image.

Taken with my Fuji X100T.

A touch of red

During my excursion from my last post, I brought along my girlfriend’s red scarf. The main reason was because of the time of year. In mid-April, everything is pretty much grey and brown. Nature hasn’t woken up from its winter slumber. So I tried to be artistic by adding a splash of colour.

This was the best result. Of course the breeze that I had at the beginning dissipated when it came time to push the scarf around, so I had to drape it over the branches. Oh well, nothing ventured…

Interestingly, this area was engulfed in fire a couple of years ago. The conservation authority has taken the opportunity to run a path through the area with a number of information kiosks about the hows and whys of forest fires, and how the regrowth occurs.

Shot with the Fuji X-T1 and the 16-55 f2.8 lens.


Down by the River

It was a beautiful spring day. No wind, 12 degrees (54 Fahrenheit) and sunny. I took a stroll down by the Ottawa river. I brought along the Fuji X100T and the additional teleconverter and wide angle converter (although the teleconverter remained on the whole time) to grab some shots. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, and decided to make the effort to shoot a “roll” of film – 36 shots or so.

These are a sampling. I set the camera to Classic Chrome simulation and there is only minor adjustments in Lightroom. With the much reported Nik software now free, I downloaded it and a few shots were edited using it.


Edited with Silver Effects Pro



Edited with Silver Effect Pro. A piece of driftwood that looks like an alien statue.





Last month my son and I went to visit my parents in southern Ontario, and to go see a Rush concert in Toronto. The show was at 8pm, so I thought it’d be fun to go to YYZ (I’ve gotten in the habit of calling cities by their airport code) to visit the CN Tower before the show.

Knowing that some venues don’t appreciate cameras during a show, and especially this concert as it was being recorded for a DVD, I chose to bring along the Fuji X100. As a bonus, my parents came too, and they could ferry the camera home when they went, as we made our way to the show.

The only way to get to Toronto with little hassle is on the GO Train. I don’t mind it at all – its easy, and its nice to sit back and let the scenery roll by.

As a bonus, the train station is a short walk to the CN Tower. You walk right by it to get to the entrance.


It was a perfect day outside to be up high in the sky. This is a shot looking west. We could see (with some straining and possibly imagination) Niagara Falls. Well, at least we could see Hamilton, and the United States on the far side of Lake Ontario.


We paid extra and went to the very top observation deck. Great to watch the airplanes taking off from the Toronto Island airport. And this photo of the the tower’s shadow cast on the ground below.


Good times. And the show later was nothing short of fantastic.