Rideau Falls

I’m not one to go for the Internet fads, but I found this photo in my archives, and figured bringing it out for “Throwback Thursday” was an option.

A few years back I took an online photography course through Harry Nowell. It was a six month span where he would provide a topic or theme, give regular video updates and at the end of the month critique a selection of photos. It was a lot of fun. I took it not so much to improve my skills as to get the creative juices flowing. It worked, and some of the photos I ended up selling as stock on Double bonus!

This was the first challenge/theme in April of whatever year it was – slow shutter speed. And if memory serves, the speed had to be no faster than 4 or 5 seconds. I thought of rushing water and it drew me to the Rideau Falls in downtown Ottawa.

I used my Nikon D700 with a 16-35 f4 lens. To get the soft flow of water with the 5 second or more exposure, I racked the aperture as small as it would go and put on a ND4 and polarizer filter. The filters caused a bit of vignetting which I had to crop out. But the end result was great. The black and white treatment works well, given the time of year when everything is brown and grey anyway.


In Sync

In Sync. No, not the boy band.

My girlfriend is involved in synchronized skating. Typically, its about 18-22 women on the ice doing the exact same thing for 2-3 minutes. Think synchronized swimming, but on ice (and no nose plugs). When we first started dating, it was a new thing for me. And in the ensuing years, has become very interesting, and I’ve become totally involved. I’ve learned the lingo and know my “chaussay” (that’s the phonetical spelling) from a “mohawk”.

I also have become the unofficial photographer of the team. That is, I shoot the team photo and their practices, and the occasional competition/show.

When I started shooting the shows, I was diligent in culling the not-so-great shots from the cool ones. I was told they want all the shots. But, I countered, some aren’t great. You want the great ones. I quickly learned, that they want them all for training purposes. Those shots show where members are out of step, and where to improve. So I’ve eased on the culling. But (shhhhh), I still remove the odd one. I will take on the course of a 3 minute program, about 250 shots. They don’t need each shot second-by-second. That’s what video is for.

This shot isn’t the team. Its a different team. They recently did a showcase, and the first few teams up I shot to get my metering and focus set for their performance. But looking through the shots, I like this one. Not that the shots of our team weren’t great, the dress, the pose; everything just fit.


Its actually the very end of their program. Watch for it, I’ll probably put something up from the Green Machine team later on.

Real Estate Photos

A friend is selling her house and moving to the country. She asked me to come by and shoot some of the rooms that she had updated and painted for upcoming showings. No problem. I even retook a few that her agent originally did that I thought could have been a bit brighter. She is thrilled with the new shots, and in her words:

“It’s pretty awesome… makes me want to live there. Wait a minute…”

It was a very easy setup. I retook some outside shots with my Fuji X-T1 and did the indoors with my Nikon D700 with a 16-35 f4. The tripod was a key component to this as the shots were at f8 and most needed at least 1.5 seconds or more to get a good exposure. I popped a flash here and there to light up the darker corners as well.

Here is a sample.