Busy as a…

With the news of the bee population dwindling because of pesticides, its nice to have a plant that attracts so many of the insects. I have a Sedum that when it flowers, is covered in bees of various types. I broke out the X-T1, 60mm macro lens and tripod to get some close up shots. The bonus being that the bees are so busy collecting pollen and such, they don’t care that the lens is so close to them.



Since purchasing the Fuji 16-55 f2.8 lens last year, I’ve been dying to use it in inclement weather. Its a weather-sealed lens, and with the equally weather-sealed X-T1, its a no brainer for wet weather.

Granted, I wasn’t about to stand out in a downpour to prove it is weather resistant, but the opportunity to have it get wet a little bit and not worry about it was always on my mind. That and some sort of rain shot would be neat.

Yesterday, soon after I got home, a sun shower came through. As with a few other times this summer, I grabbed said camera/lens and hoped for something interesting.

That was the day. First off, as I stood under the canopy in the backyard (because I don’t really want to get wet), I shot the water dripping into the hanging bird bath.


I went out to the front of the house. As it was a sun shower – the sun still shining – I hoped for a rainbow. I wasn’t disappointed. There were two!


The camera and lens didn’t really get wet. A few splashes/drops. But its nice to not have to worry about water seeping in and ruining things.

Cottage Life

A truly Canadian thing in the summer is head to the, or a cottage. Many own cottages in to the north in Ontario, while others will rent.

This week, my son’s friend’s family rented a cottage on Big Gull Lake, a couple hours outside Ottawa. He was invited for the week. We drove him up on Tuesday and spent a couple hours there before heading home. Pick up will be by the weekend.

Now, me, I don’t really get owning a cottage. It must be my Scottish roots or something. All I see is the additional costs of owning. However, having said that, I do see the appeal. The quiet, the scenery and the automatic unplugging from the every day.

Knowing where I was going, I brought along my Fuji X-T1, the 10-24 f4 and 60 f2.4 for a few shots. Here are a few. The last one is with the 60mm. The rest are with the 10-24.