Available Light

“Available light is any damn light that is available!” — W. Eugene Smith

This site was about photography. Only photography. Things are changing.

I’ve taken early retirement and now refocusing on things as this pandemic (hopefully) winds down. This site is now under construction. What was here will stay here, but the focus is shifting (no pun intended).

In my available time with retirement, and as COVID abates, I am looking forward to going back to volunteering at the theatre. So part of this site will be my “adventures” in putting on shows an community events. You can click the Stage link in the header to see those specific posts.

I will also continue to add photo entries as I have always done. Those can be directly referenced from the Photography link in the header.

And finally, I’ll have a Ramblings link for just things to natter about. Maybe early retirement things and such. The Blog link is everything as it gets put up.

My photo equipment is all FujiFilm – an XPro-2 and an X100T. The lenses are simple primes: 18mm, 23mm, 35mm and 60mm macro. I also have a zoom lens that comes out now and again.

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