A fact about Asparagus

Monday, I photographed some purple asparagus. Why?

Well, to keep the creative juices flowing, I participate in the Photo-a-Day online…”thing”.  It is basically, a list someone (originating in Australia and still gets posted from there) puts together. Each day, you make a photo for the topic and post it on Flickr or where ever. Its all in good fun, and similar to the 365 project things, but with themes.


But I digress. So, the first of the month’s theme was something purple. While at the grocery store I came across purple asparagus (see where I’m going). To kill two birds with one stone (or as Ricky from Trailer Park Boys would say, “getting two birds stoned at once), I shot this and a few other angles for stock as well.

And now to the fact. As some may know, when one eats asparagus, its causes ones urine to smell. Yet, some don’t claim to encounter this odour, making it seem that some process the vegetable different than others. I learned a few years ago, that its not so much as some process the food differently, as some people have the ability to smell the asparagus in the urine while others don’t. Apparently, only 22% of people.

So potentially two new pieces of information today: There is such thing as purple asparagus, and while everyone processes it the same after eating, only some can smell the byproduct.