A moment of reflection

While visiting family over the Thanksgiving weekend, I took my son up to my old haunt where I would go and watch trains on Saturday mornings. When I was his age, I would ride my bike up to the Dundas station – long abandoned – to watch trains on the Dundas sub until noon. Most of the freights went by in the morning. The station was unlocked (just not used) so there was a place out of the sun, and a “toilet” if needed.

Its all long gone, destroyed by fire from vandals. But, we went up to see if there was anything coming. The lights showed green so we waited. Well, I did. My son went down into the ravine to explore. After a while I went after him. There in the stream was a chair. He decided to wade out and sit in it. And I got the photo.

Shot with the Fuji X100 with the 50mm teleconverter on it.