My name is Don Douglas, and I am a photographer based in Ottawa Ontario, Canada (eh?). I’ve been shooting in the Ottawa area for a number of years, doing weddings, portraits and whatever else came along. I’m now focusing more on portraits and portraiture and fine art photos. I also enjoy shooting food and products on location or in studio.

My style is simple, clean and straight out of the camera. That means I do minimal processing and fancy stuff in Photoshop. Sure, I’ll tweak, but I won’t go nuts on it. I believe that the shot should look the way you see it. Something that in 20 years, the effects used on the photo don’t look dated.

I spend my “free” time playing the guitar, and volunteering on stage crews at Centrepointe Theatre and Ottawa Little Theatre putting on various shows, setting up and running the lights, stage hand or any other roadie thing that needs doing. In the summer I am a Stage Coordinator with the Ottawa Jazz Festival.