All the worlds a volunteer stage

I’ve been volunteering at a local theatre for thirteen years. The theatre is owned and operated by the City of Ottawa, and for the most part, is a volunteer organization. There are paid staff that take care of things and ensure productions are safe and in control.

The theatre is run as a roadhouse. That is, anyone can rent the facility to put on a production or event. I’ve been involved in plays, musicals, presentations, dance rehearsals and so on.

I’m on the stage crew and do primarily lighting.

At one time, we could work on professional shows as well as amateur, however the IATSE union had something to say about that, and we can only do amateur productions. I’m not blaming the union, they need to earn money; but I do miss doing those shows. Some acts I did include the Trailer Park Boys, Colin James, Chantal Kreviazuk to name a few.

I also do lighting designs for the local production companies who come into the space. I have done lighting for Orpheus (Last Five Years, Rock of Ages) ASNY (Mary Poppins, Little Women, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid) and Suzart (Elf, Sister Act, Cabaret, Seussical, James and the Giant Peach).

I also help out in other theatre venues, so I get around and do many things. In this blog area, I hope to add stories of the shows I work on, reflect on past productions and designs and other similar things.

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