At the Village

In my last post, I talked about going to Fort Henry for the sunset ceremony.

When we bought our tickets, it included free admission to Upper Canada Village, a short trip east on the 401 near Morrisburg. So we made plans to head there last weekend to take advantage of the offer.

Upper Canada Village is what it name suggests; a village set in Upper Canada (what we know now as the province of Ontario). It is a living museum of life in 1860 Canada. There are a number of homes and businesses that show how life and work was in that period. People dress in period clothes and actually do the work that was done back then. There is a working grist mill and , saw mill and wool factory run by water power, blacksmith, carpenter, broom maker, cheese maker and baker. All of the items made are sold in the gift shop.

The area is historic as well. It is the location of Chrysler’s Farm, a decisive battle in the war of 182-14.

I brought my X100 with the teleconverter to give a 50mm-ish focal length. Since I bought it, I hadn’t had a a good opportunity to really put it to the test. I was more interested in getting some patterns and abstract photos rather than a bunch of period people doing things. These are a few of the shots mostly from the yarn and wool factory.






Overall, the teleconverter did a good job. I’m considering the upgrade to the x100t and considerably slimming down what I have. With the teleconverter doing a good job, I’m thinking more of this move.