Changing of the Guard

As Spring arrives, so does the honour guard at the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa. This tradition starts April 9 (the anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge) and continues until November 10. It was initially instilled a number of events from youth with no respect for those who fought for their freedoms. From Wikipedia:

Dr. Michael Pilon, a retired Canadian Forces major, observed and photographed a group of young men urinating on the war memorial on the evening of Canada Day 2006. Two teenagers later issued apologies and undertook community service, while another man, Stephen Fernandes, 23, of Montreal was charged with mischief by the Ottawa Police Service…The incident, along with the common sight of persons skateboarding and riding bicycles on the memorial’s podium, prompted the posting of sentries at the site, though they are only present between 9 am and 5 pm from 9 April to 10 November.

The guards are there continually, except for that day in October, when another loser shot a sentry in the back, then made an attempt to storm Parliament Hill.

It was a short-lived halt. You see, we Canadians are tough and stubborn, and don’t let such idiocy and slow us down.

Now that Spring is here, the guards are back. Each lunch, I walk by the memorial, and when timed right, I hear the bagpipes as the change of the guard occurs. On this occasion, I was front and centre for the change.


This year they have included the huts as well, as you can see in the back. I learned this is to prevent any other loser…er…person from getting up behind the guards.

I have been to the Arlington cemetery as well, where they have an honour guard.

It it a great tribute to those who keep us safe.