Industrial Colour

In Ottawa, the city is working on building a tunnel for a long-overdue light rail system. The system will run east to west under the city, with a number of station stops along the way. One area where the work it being done, this large crane dominates the area.

I’ve looked at it on many occasions, wondering how to get a decent photo of it.

Recently on a walk a lunch, I was in the proverbial right place at the right time. The sun was out, and the yellow crane against the blue of the glass building behind, and the reflection of the city on the building, made for a neat shot. And the yellow against the blue, a natural colour combination match, helped too.

My X100 has become my trusty companion these days. Light, and fits in my pocket, I don’t need to carry it but put it in my pocket, and when ready, pull it out and shoot.

Shot in JPeG mode, only minor adjustments made for the vertical.