Its been a long time

A hundred years ago, a lot happened. The first world war for one. Over the next four years, there will be a lot of marking of poignant battles. Recently, the anniversary of the second battle of Ypres – the first test of mettle of the Canadian troops against a German gas attack, the assault of British troops at Gallipoli.

Today, a protest of the Armenian genocide by the Turkish (then of the Ottoman empire). On Parliament, there was a demonstration. Clearly, after 100 years, this hasn’t rested with these people. I went up to the Hill to see the protest, and was surprised at the turnout. So much so, that a large police presence was on hand. As you can see in the photos below, organizers set up two separate areas – one side for the Armenians to protest and display their anger, and the Turks on the the other side, expressing their opinion that the genocide didn’t happen (or maybe to the extent claimed).

Again, the beauty of Canada, both are equally allowed to say what they think, and the entire demonstration was peaceful (that I saw and haven’t seen any other altercations).


Turkish Canadians give their opinion.


No mans land to keep opinions, and emotions apart and guarantee a peaceful demonstration.


Armenian side of the story.


A colourful display, protesting past atrocities.