Oceans Apart

Being a volunteer at a number of theatres and venues, I have a large group of creatives within my circle of friends. Of those is Alain Chauvin. I met him when working a show at Ottawa Little Theatre. He has since moved into writing a play about a Canadian soldier and his battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and his journey across Canada to figure things out, meeting a buddy in Saskatoon en route to the west coast.

Well, that’s the Coles Notes version.

Alain was fortunate enough to have his play selected to be put on at the Ottawa Fringe Festival this month (June 20, 21, 26-28). I asked to photograph his show, and in the conversations, ended up doing some set design for him as well, creating a cool lighting effect on two benches, that represent the two coasts of the country. I’ll take a moment to make a nod to Les Petite Ballet, another group I helped set up in May for lending us the benches for this production.

Oceans Apart Rehearsal

Oceans Apart Rehearsal

Alain asked me to come to a rehearsal to shoot some promo shots, and it worked out that I could deliver the set pieces as well. If you want to see the set pieces, you’ll have to see the show. I can say without prejudice, it is a fine show, and worth the trip downtown to see, and the Ottawa Jazz Festival is on at the same time. The photos here are a small selection of the shots I made.

I used the Fuji X-T1. Love the high ISO settings with little degradation on image quality.