Revisiting the X100

I am…sort of, a Nikon photographer. Sort of, because I’m moving ever so slowly to the Fuji X system.

Having used Nikon gear for a long time, I was in search of an easy, cary-around camera. And Fuji came out with the X100. Cool. A camera that was small, light and a fixed lens, meaning I never have to think about which lens(es) to bring with me. It was a bomb, and getting one was nearly impossible. We went out west for a vacation to Edmonton, and in doing some research, McBain Cameras had them in stock. My girlfriend knew the area and knew where it was, and we ended up getting there a few minutes before closing. I bought the camera. Next day we went to the McBain outlet in the West Edmonton Mall to get a leather case (gotta have the cool case).

Now, being a Nikon guy, it took some getting used to, this new camera, interface and such. Remember also, this was 1.0 of this camera, and it was loaded with issues. Some I wasn’t even aware of, and chalked it up to my learning curve. Suffice to say, I didn’t like the camera, but I did. It was quirky, but gave some great looking photos. Every time I was about to throw it out the window of a moving car, it gave me a great looking shot. How could I ever throw away such a lovely camera! Rinse and repeat.

My one issue was actually the fixed lens. While I thought it would be the great levity from choice, it was quite the opposite. See, I usually like to be close to my subject, and the 35mm equivalent lens never quite cut it, for what I was shooting. I hated it. But the built in macro made for some lovely shots. I loved it!

I ended up buying the X-Pro1. Another love/hate/love relationship ensued which, after a trip to London with only that camera and two lenses, made it a full love relationship, put the X100 on the shelf.

Fast forward to this week. Fuji has come up with, essentially, the X100 3.0, called the X100T. Reading over the specs and videos, I have that “I want it” feeling again. So, I pulled out the original X100 (which I do carry daily to work…just in case) and today, set the different film modes and went for a walk.  Gotta say, still not sold on the focal length. Not close (telephoto) enough for me. And even with the cool film sims, fiddle with it in Lightroom. Habits die hard. I am a RAW shooter, so film sims, though neat (and never having actually shot the film types) are not for me. Also, I have to say, I’m still not a fan of black and white. I’ve tried, oh, I’ve tried, and I just can’t get into it.

Still, its a fun camera to have around. And while I love what Fuji has done to make the X100T, I won’t be running out to get it. I have the X100, the X-Pro1 and the X-T1. Don’t need another camera. Below are some of the shots from a walk today. Just a few. I’d say what the film simulations were that I used, but I ended up tweaking them enough in Lightroom, that they aren’t straight out of the camera to be fair.

I still have a love/hate relationship with the X100. Certainly enough to keep it around just the same. And there is that teleconverter to make it a 50mm equivalent…..


Using the Black and White film simulator. Still don’t like monochrome. Nothing to do with Fuji.



Shooting from the hip. I’m no street photographer. No guts.