Rockraiser and the 16-55

When Fuji announced its 16-55mm f2.8 lens that was weather resistant, I was very happy.

I bought the X-T1 partly because of its weather-sealed body, but without a lens equally sealed, it was not quite there. the long telephoto came out, but this one was in the focal range and aperture I wanted, and the bonus was the weather sealing.

I pre-ordered it, and it came right away when it was officially released. Of course, its winter here in Canada, and its dark early, and everything around is in a range of white and grey. And when there is a blue sky, its frightfully cold. (I just read that Ottawa has had a record 45 nights of colder than -15 Celsius, the last time like this was in 1888.)

I was chomping to get some real colour and use out of this lens. Happily, I was asked to be one of the photographers at RockRaiser, a benefit concert for the Ottawa Independent Living Centre.

The lens was awesome and worked well. Coupled with the X-T1 and its battery grip, it was a perfect balance, and the combo was not heavy at all over the six hours of shooting. My equivalent Nikon would have been more of a burden.

The range was great and the final images, some shown here, worked well. The X-T1 was fine in the crunch of shooting the bands. I’ve read a number of commenters complaining about size and specs. Well here is my comments for that:

Size and weight: yep, its bigger than the typical Fuji lenses. But given what is involved, to make it work, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Overall, the weight is not oppressive, and the size not that bad. Compared to some of the primes, yes, but its not a prime.

Image Stabilization: Nope, there is none. But I’ve never needed it – never had it with my Nikon 24-70. No big deal. I find it more of a crutch in smaller focal lengths. Need a stable image? Boost the ISO or grab a tripod. Use what you have and make the pictures.

I can’t wait to get out and use this some more. I like the lens. The real bonus to me as well is the filter size. Bigger, yeah, but it means I can continue to use my polarizer and ND filters with it.

So here we are, a few shots from the event. More are in my Gallery > Performance area.