Stained Glass

Front entry to the Museum of Nature in Ottawa.

Front entry to the Museum of Nature in Ottawa.

I love stained glass windows. When I get the chance, I will photograph it. I love the colours and the images they portray. The great thing about them too, it that by shooting them from inside the building, you can easily adjust the exposure so that the wall the window is on is black, or nearly black, and the window art itself just floats there magically.

This window set is at the front of the Museum of Nature in Ottawa. As we were leaving I took an extra moment to compose this shot.

I used my Fuji X-Pro1 with the 18mm lens with very slight tweaks (a crop and a bit of extra contrast) made this photo possible.

I’m really loving the Fuji X cameras the more I’m using them. I can’t wait to get the X-T1. Its on order from Henry’s, and I’m just waiting impatiently for it to get here. But more on all that in another post.