Fall photos

What is it about autumn, trees and the need to take pictures of the leaves?

The event happens every year without fail, yet people continually take and post photos of the leaves. I do too. Or at least, I thought I did. Looking through the archives here, I had to go back five years to find some pictures. Although I do look at the trees and think, I gotta get a picture of that, then never do.

It must be just the colours. We go from brown and grey of winter to lush green for the summer. The fall burst of oranges, reds and yellows, especially against a crisp blue sky, is just so inviting and fun.

So, here are my obligatory fall photos…so far….

Fall and the X100

I went down to Dundas Ontario to visit my family last weekend for Thanksgiving. I decided well in advance (a rarity for me) to only take the Fuji X100 and the teleconverter, to make the 35mm a 50(ish)mm equivalent.

It was a beauty of a weekend, and although the fall colours have been slow to arrive this year, there was still a lot of colour in the trees. One Saturday, my son and I went up to the location of the old Dundas train station, now long gone. When I was his age, 14, I’d ride my bike up there on Saturday mornings to watch the trains before heading home for lunch. The station has long burned to the ground thanks to vandals, however, the area is still a great place to go for hikes into the gorge and walk up to Webster’s Falls. And to watch trains.

I haven’t used the 50mm teleconverter much in the last while since getting it. The X100 with the teleconverter is a great little kit that is light and makes great images. And mother nature puts on quite a show. With the beautiful weather, many of the shots needed no adjustments. What you see is what you get.




Gone fishin’

With the fall fast approaching and the temperatures cooling off, I take advantage of every chance to get outside.

Today, I took a walk along the Rideau Canal in hopes of getting some fall colours on…er…film. Digital film. Not too much just yet, but I happened by these two gents fishing in the canal. I don’t know if the fish are worthy of catching, or for that matter, eating if caught. But sometimes its just an excuse to hang out with a friend and wile away the day.


Shot with the Fuji XPro-1 and the 35mm 1.4 lens.