Inner Geek

Last weekend was Ottawa’s Geek Market.

What is that? Its not quite ComicCon, but still has the trappings of things geeks like – Star Wars, Lego, video games, super heroes, steam punk and anything else sci-fi.

I took my son, a gamer, to the event, thinking it would be fun to see what’s there. I must admit, there is a small geek within that likes sci-fi, Lego and other similar things. As hoped, there was plenty to see, people in costume, and some neat deals from vendors. I brought along the X-T1 and the 35mm 1.4, anticipating not great lighting. I only wish I had brought the 18mm as well, as some wider shots would have made things easier, while still travelling light.

Lego is awesome. It’s truly the best toy ever. There was a selection of thing from the ParLUGment club:



And I’ve only recently reacquainted myself with Dr. Who. Amusingly, I had just watched the episode with Churchil in WWII and the Daleks, so I was very pleased to see this replica make out of styrofoam from the Dr. Who Society of Ottawa. They also had a “working” Dalek – a person in side, with a voice simulator like a vocorder.


Like I said, it’s a reacquaintance. I watched the show in the 70s/80s when Tom Baker was the Doctor. A society member made a mobile version of K-9. Really neat. (note the Dalek in the background that was moving around as well.)