Cottage Life

A truly Canadian thing in the summer is head to the, or a cottage. Many own cottages in to the north in Ontario, while others will rent.

This week, my son’s friend’s family rented a cottage on Big Gull Lake, a couple hours outside Ottawa. He was invited for the week. We drove him up on Tuesday and spent a couple hours there before heading home. Pick up will be by the weekend.

Now, me, I don’t really get owning a cottage. It must be my Scottish roots or something. All I see is the additional costs of owning. However, having said that, I do see the appeal. The quiet, the scenery and the automatic unplugging from the every day.

Knowing where I was going, I brought along my Fuji X-T1, the 10-24 f4 and 60 f2.4 for a few shots. Here are a few. The last one is with the 60mm. The rest are with the 10-24.