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New kids in town

Ahhh spring. And with it comes warm weather and little creatures from their burrows. Here in Barrhaven, in the ‘burbs of Ottawa, there are many rabbits in the area. Over the winter there were three that frequented our backyard, to … Continue reading

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Wild Backyard

Living in the suburbs presents an interesting dichotomy. While it is a bunch of humans in big boxes, there is still the ever-present wildlife, who have adapted to having people around. Our backyard on some days, is like something out … Continue reading

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The first shot

I still remember the first photo I made when I purchased my first camera (not counting the Kodak 110 I had when I was a kid), a Nikon D50. It was a snapshot of ┬ásome flowers in the back yard. … Continue reading

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Bunny Kisses

My walk around, everyday camera is a Fuji XPro-1. I have a couple of prime lenses for it, and although it took some time to get used to the quirkiness of it (being used to using a dSLR), I have … Continue reading

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