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Powerful sunshine and solar panels

We had our first real snowfall of 2021, and winter really. Its a testament to climate change that here in Ottawa we can get to mid-January before any significant snow and still not be very cold. When I moved here … Continue reading

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Fall photos

What is it about autumn, trees and the need to take pictures of the leaves? The event happens every year without fail, yet people continually take and post photos of the leaves. I do too. Or at least, I thought … Continue reading

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May flowers

As the warm weather arrives, that means it’s time to start planting. Some flowers and veg are scarce, due to the pandemic and people just plain hoarding things (formerly toilet paper, victory gardens are the thing now). We did get … Continue reading

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New kids in town

Ahhh spring. And with it comes warm weather and little creatures from their burrows. Here in Barrhaven, in the ‘burbs of Ottawa, there are many rabbits in the area. Over the winter there were three that frequented our backyard, to … Continue reading

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Midway hawkers

On Canada Day, we went to an event nearby. There was a midway, bands and of course, fireworks. We went in the evening for the fireworks and toured the midway. It was nice to see people out enjoying themselves on … Continue reading

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Back in 1813

Last weekend we travelled down to Morrisburg to take in a re-enactment of the battle of Crysler’s Farm, which occurred in 1813 during the war of 1812-1814 between Canada (Britain) and the United States. Spoiler alert, Canada won that one. … Continue reading

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A little Acros

Its been a pretty cold and blustery winter. Since getting my new X-Pro2, I’ve had little opportunity to get outside and take some shots. A little while ago, the weather was (relatively) quite warm, and I took the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Arriving UFO

I gave myself a Christmas present… a Fuji X-Pro2 Graphite edition. It’s an X-Pro2 with a cool look to it. Through some searching and a few other discounts, I got it at a really good deal. I’ve been looking at … Continue reading

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