Last month my son and I went to visit my parents in southern Ontario, and to go see a Rush concert in Toronto. The show was at 8pm, so I thought it’d be fun to go to YYZ (I’ve gotten in the habit of calling cities by their airport code) to visit the CN Tower before the show.

Knowing that some venues don’t appreciate cameras during a show, and especially this concert as it was being recorded for a DVD, I chose to bring along the Fuji X100. As a bonus, my parents came too, and they could ferry the camera home when they went, as we made our way to the show.

The only way to get to Toronto with little hassle is on the GO Train. I don’t mind it at all – its easy, and its nice to sit back and let the scenery roll by.

As a bonus, the train station is a short walk to the CN Tower. You walk right by it to get to the entrance.


It was a perfect day outside to be up high in the sky. This is a shot looking west. We could see (with some straining and possibly imagination) Niagara Falls. Well, at least we could see Hamilton, and the United States on the far side of Lake Ontario.


We paid extra and went to the very top observation deck. Great to watch the airplanes taking off from the Toronto Island airport. And this photo of the the tower’s shadow cast on the ground below.


Good times. And the show later was nothing short of fantastic.